The Rural Design Partnership was established to meet the demand for high quality new buildings in rural areas. We are based in the Cotswolds AONB where the restrictions on development are tight, but where there is also a need for contemporary sustainable development. This includes the need for housing suitable for an ageing population, affordable housing for younger generations, and the sustainable conversion of existing buildings. Small businesses, on which the area thrives, need premises to work from and farms need to diversify and develop to meet current demands.

We seek to provide contemporary solutions to these challenges, that are environmentally efficient and supportive of local communities. We also understand the value of our vernacular buildings, and the importance in preserving them as part the rural landscape. Well-designed solutions to contemporary development should be respectful of traditional properties but also appropriate to modern standards of construction and to modern ways of living. The sustainable conversion, extension and reinterpretation of existing buildings forms an important part of our practice and we are able to bring many years of combined experience of both working on, and living in, traditional buildings to the projects with which we are involved.


Rural Design Partnership is a division of Turnkey Design Partnership Ltd.